Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SSDI moochers - NOT!

People who want a good capsule summary of the workings of the Social Security Disability decision process can find it (without political hogwash) in the article “Law Firms That Specialize in Social Security Disability,” by ex-Social Security representative Tom Morgenau.

Torrents of hostile criticism are falling on recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits these days. Much is political and grossly uninformed.

Critics should reflect on the meaning of the term “insurance” before criticizing legitimate SSDI recipients. SSDI is insurance. Most workers and former workers have paid for it by payroll withholding.  If they qualify for benefits they should receive them – they paid for them. Some people believe they are moochers. Try mooching off this program and you will receive a different impression.

The program has solvency problems. Therefore we should aim criticisms at its architects, administrators, and overseers (Congress).  Better still, we should go to them with suggestions for a sounder more stable system that will not further impoverish people with disabilities. 

Mr. Morgenau provides a good starting point for self-education and building an informed view. It’s worth getting on his email distribution list. It not only has much useful information, but keeps readers oriented toward reality more than the politics of SSDI.

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