Thursday, October 05, 2017

Courage on the Killing Field

Lord please make me like the people who found themselves in the gunsights of the Las Vegas killer and despised the role of victim, who instead became first responders by moving their confused and wounded neighbors off the killing field.

The Chicago Tribune said of Sunday's Las Vegas massacre, "Surveying the scene, we were struck less by the detritus of a massacre site — water bottles, backpacks, drink cups — than by small scenes of people pushing back against an onslaught. The strangers shielding one another from shrapnel, the locals guiding refugees in shorts and blue jeans to escape routes, the man gamely transporting a wounded victim by wheelbarrow. … All remarkable, all to be honored. If there’s meaning in what happened Sunday night, it’s in the selfless acts of music fans and first responders."

The death that Satan wishes to inflict on everyone is far more horrible than slaughter by automatic rifle fire. The rescue that Christ delivers is more stunning and complete than even the wonderful rescues in Las Vegas.

It is a blessing to receive another day to live and breathe and walk this earth. It is more a blessing to receive eternal life from Jesus Christ.

Lord may I today and always be living my life like Christ, keeping His message of salvation ready at hand.

Proverbs 24:11

October 5, 2017